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Sync with Google Calendar

I'm having trouble getting our MHP schedule to sync with the google account we linked to it. Anyone have success with this? It seems to be linked fine and I have designated a calender for the MHP schedule to sync to but nothing appears in the google calendar. Even new appointments set up after the sync was established don't show. Thanks

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Aaron - I can not get it to work either. Did you submit a support ticket for the problem or get it to work?

Marcey Mettica

I too have this problem. And I really do need for this feature to work because I have multiple calendars "competing" for my time.

You can now sync your MHPOffice appointments with Google Calendar. They should all be showing up as links to your MHPOffice schedule. 

If you are having a problem with the system, please click on "Tickets" and fill out a ticket. This is the best  and quickest way to get your problems solved!

Thank you!

Lydia Wagner

MHPOffice Support

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