Our Goals for 2015: Celebrating and Serving Our Clinicians Better

It isn't out of the ordinary for companies, particularly start-ups, to take time to celebrate their accomplishments and perhaps even tout them on social media. It is helpful for employees to see how far the company has come, thanks in part to their time and effort. Since MHPOffice launched as MHPToolbox in March of 2011, founders Marshall and Jessalea Anschutz have worked tirelessly to bring a high-quality product to mental health professionals – a group of people very close to their hearts.

I hope they have taken plenty of time to commemorate their successes along the way. With this blog post, though, I want to celebrate some other people.

If you are an MHPOffice clinician, please stand up. You deserve a round of applause.

In the current legislative environment, creating a mental health office system does not come without a few hiccups – to say the least. And, when there are only a couple of people taking care of enrollment, billing, glitches, marketing, bugs, fixes, upgrades and customer service, some things are bound to take longer than expected or even fall through the cracks.

It is because of our customers' patience, understanding and help that we have come this far.

Exactly how far have we come? Well, this is where I can introduce myself. In January, Marshall hired me to assist him with all administrative tasks for the company. I am Lydia Wagner, a stay-at-home mom of a five-year-old boy. I have past experience managing marketing efforts for a professional sports team, and I’ve also done event marketing and coordination for a major non-profit. Marshall realized his customers need a little more attention, and that is now my main job.

What does that specifically mean for you, our customers? Here are a few goals we hope to accomplish with my position: quicker response time to help desk tickets, increase communication between the customer and the company and more development time.

Faster Response Time

We understand that when you are experiencing a problem with the system, you want it fixed correctly and immediately. There will be times when we can fix your problem right away. However, there will also be times when it will take longer to fix your problem. Every once in a great while, there will be a problem that is just not fixable. No matter the outcome, someone will respond to your request within one business day to acknowledge your request and add it to our queue of work. When an issue requires a longer time to correct or implement, we promise to keep you updated on the progress and give you an estimated timeline for resolution.

Increase Communication

We want to make sure you know what we are working on and where we are going. We will increase our updates on social media, including Twitter, @mhptoolbox and Facebook. We will also update our blog on the MHPOffice parent company's website unwritten.media. We will also work on video tutorials, such as this one, for new clinicians. We don't want to be a mystery to you. Always feel free to email us with questions, and contact us through the help desk with problems. In order to receive our messages, follow us on social media and add info@mhptoolbox.com to your email contact list, so our email messages don't go to your Spam folder.

More Coding, Better System

As you know, running a businesses is a lot of work, and administrative tasks can take up a lot of precious time. Time that our team could spend upgrading MHPOffice, fixing glitches, or creating something better. I will handle all of those small, yet important, tasks so our team can spend more time coding, and that benefits all of you.

With this big step forward, we hope to increase your satisfaction with the company and our product. But as with every new thing, it takes a little bit of time to get into a rhythm. I have been a team member for almost one quarter, during which I have learned a lot and made a few mistakes. With the second quarter on the horizon, I think the learning period is coming to a close. And with that, I am sure you will all begin to reap the benefits of this progress.

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