Yes, MHPOffice supports credit card processing.

Our partnership with BrainTree Payments provides a low-cost solution. There are no monthly fees, and BrainTree waives their transaction fees for the first $50k of transactions.

How Does It Work?

To process credit cards, you will need to open a merchant services account to seamlessly process credit cards inside of MHPOffice. This account will link your bank account with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

You can start this process by logging into MHPOffice, and going to the following page:

Then, click apply and fill out the application.

Is There Any Cost? 

Unlike most credit card processing solutions, there is no monthly fee. The 0.5% transaction fee that MHPOffice charges is also among the best rates, keeping more money in your pocket, and allowing a no-commitment startup.

Also, our company does not ever touch your money, so you can get paid directly from the client faster.